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If you’re a mom or dad, there’s nothing more important than your child. You want to provide your little one with a good life, and you want him or her to be proud of you and your accomplishments. While you’re in school or at work, you want to make sure that your child is being cared for in a loving, safe and fun environment.

Finding good childcare can be really tough – especially for infants. In some areas, there are very few high quality places available, and when you do find them, they can cost a big chunk of your budget.

But, think again before you consider dropping out of college or quitting your job to stay home with your child. Fortunately, Virginia has a network that can help you learn about different types of childcare and what to look for in a childcare facility. You can even search by location to find something that’s close to your college or job.

Your child deserves the best – and you deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing your child is well cared for while you’re working toward a bright future.

Finding a great place for your child

The Virginia Child Care Resource and Referral Network can help you find childcare and understand what to look for in a quality childcare provider.

Search for childcare by locality

Find a good environment for your child that’s close to home, school and work.

You may qualify for childcare assistance – check here

Childcare assistance is available through Virginia’s Department of Social Services.

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