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Staying Healthy

life_stayinghealthy_thmbYou probably take your health for granted, right? Most people do. But, staying healthy is really a choice. You can choose to make smart food choices, get enough exercise and rest, and see a doctor for regular checkups. If you do, it’s likely you’ll stay strong, healthy and have plenty of energy to handle the responsibilities of school, work and play.

But, even people who are health fanatics get sick or need medical attention. It’s important for you to know where to get medical care, how to make sure you’re covered by insurance and where to turn if you think you need to talk to a counselor or access other help.

Being responsible for your own well-being is an important part of being independent. Are you ready for the challenge? Start by printing this checklist. Then, check out the resources below or ask your Great Expectations mentor for help.

Your good health is your good choice!

Medical care

Finding affordable medical care is easier than you think. Look here for information on finding a doctor or dentist and getting help with paying for prescription drugs.

Health insurance

Medicaid and FAMIS are two programs that may cover your health insurance. Check here to see if you qualify.

Mental health/counseling

Knowing when to ask for help is an important part of good mental health. Here you’ll find resources that can help you get assistance with counseling, drug or alcohol abuse or even managing anger and stress.

Staying Active

Becoming involved in clubs and sports is a great way to meet new people and stay active. Check out some of the options that are available in your area.


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