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Staying Active

life_stayinghealthy_thmbStudies show that people of all ages who get out, move around, participate in sports and regularly enjoy time with friends are happier, healthier and live longer than home-body couch potatoes. There are literally hundreds of options for getting involved in your school and community, and they cover nearly every interest. Start by checking out your college’s student life area for more information on sports and clubs at your school.

Here are some ideas for inexpensive things you can do in most cities and towns in Virginia.

  • Look for free festivals and concerts.
  • Go hiking or take a picnic to a local park.
  • Play hoops at the nearest playground.
  • Go to a high school play or football game.
  • Ride bikes.
  • Check out thrift stores.
  • Volunteer at a senior center or hospital.
  • Go bowling.
  • Play miniature golf.
  • See a matinee movie—they’re less expensive than prime time.
  • Visit a library. Check out books and movies.
  • Find a community swimming pool in the summer.
  • Support your hometown, non-professional sports teams.
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