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life_transportation_thmbFinding a way to get around ranks high on most young people’s priority lists – usually second only to finding a place to live. Without reliable transportation, it’s hard to stay in school, hold a job or even keep up with your group of friends. Solving the transportation challenge is one of the biggest steps to being able to live on your own.

Most people would prefer to buy a car. That’s great, if you can afford it. But many others need to rely on public transportation or find a ride-share program, both of which can be a great option for saving money while you’re in college or just starting out on your own.

Public transportation

Over the last several years, Virginia has increased its focus on improving public transportation systems and encouraging people to carpool, mostly to help reduce congestion and pollution. But, these can be easy, affordable choices for you. Check out your options.

Buy a car

There’s a lot more to buying a car than most people think. Look here to learn what you need to know before you go visit that dealer or answer that For Sale ad.

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