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Public Transportation


In most cities and towns, there are several public transportation options available to help people get to school, work and other locations. They range from bus routes to commuter rail to car- and van-pools. Public transportation can be a good option for people who are just going out on their own. It saves you a lot of money in car payments, vehicle insurance and maintenance costs. And, it’s a great way to meet new friends and contacts. Look below to see which options suit you best.

Help finding public transportation

Check out the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation. You can find commuter assistance services that cover all areas of Virginia. Virginia Railway Express offers commuter rail service between Fredericksburg and Northern Virginia, and connects to the D.C.-area METRO system.

Share a ride

Many areas of Virginia have ride-share programs designed to ease congestion and help commuters find people with whom to share transportation. Search for ride-share programs in your area.

Zipping and flexing

Zipcars and Flexcars can be a good option if you like the flexibility of having a car, but don’t need to use it very frequently. Learn more about how they work and see if it’s an option where you live.

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