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How to Apply

school_financialaid_thmbAfter you’ve found the right college for you, then what? Well, first you have to apply by completing an application. All of Virginia’s 23 Community Colleges offer online applications that can be completed through the Virginia Education Wizard. It’s not hard, but it does take time and you do need to be organized, so check out the following tips from before you begin.

Know the guidelines

Stay on top of application deadlines and fees for each school you are considering.

Plan ahead

It takes time to get SAT scores back after you’ve taken the test. Also, school counselors, career coaches and others providing references need time to gather information.

Follow the instructions and proofread

Make a good impression with a neat application free of spelling and grammatical errors. Be sure to start early enough to have the time to double-check your work. Or, better yet, ask someone else to give it a final review before you send it.

Work with your high school

Get help from your school counselor to gather all necessary classes and grades transcripts, test scores and applications to be sent to prospective schools.

Make the most of personal references

Ask for references from people who know you well, and who will give the best impression of you to your desired school. Give your references plenty of time to respond.

Be ready to interview, audition or submit a portfolio

Some colleges also require a personal interview or examples of work in special areas, such as art or music.

Keep a copy of all application materials

You never know when you might need them again!

Once you’ve applied at the school(s) of your choice, make sure you:

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