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school_financialaid_thmbEver considered how many colleges are in Virginia? Lots. Imagine how many there are across the country. Each college, university or training program is unique, and offers programs, degrees and certificates in a variety of fields. Each varies in campus size, class size and student enrollment. So it’s important to spend some time and careful thought choosing the right school for you.

Have you considered the options? Community college? Vocational training? Four-year college or university?  Professional career or technical college? College for students with disabilities? Big classes or small classes? Nearby or out of town?

The possibilities are endless! To help narrow your search, first consider what it is you want to do or be when you complete your education. Next, make a list of things that will be important to you in a school – Small class sizes? Flexible schedule? Close to public transportation? Then, make a list of schools that will help you achieve your goals and meet your needs.

One resource that can help you narrow your list AND help you figure out what you want to be when you grow up is the Virginia Education Wizard. Start here to see what Virginia’s Community Colleges have to offer you.

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