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work_andreaFigured out what kind of job you want? There are so many options, so many careers to consider. And, many of those careers require education or specialized job training beyond high school.

This section will help you discover your career interests, uncover the skills you bring to the job market and learn how to get a job and how to receive the training you need to be successful. Cortez is making it happen and getting the experience she needs to start her career.

Discover your interests

Like animals? Always thought it would be cool to be a nurse? Wonder what it takes to be a computer programmer? Explore your options with the Virginia Education Wizard.

Job training

Virginia’s Community Colleges offer the training and degree programs you need to find a career you can be excited about. Check out your options.

Getting a job

Write a resume that will get you noticed. Ace that interview. Find help to get in the door where you want to work. Find out how here.

Success stories

Cortez dreams of being a lawyer. See how Great Expectations is his first step to achieving that goal.


Not sure what to do next in your job search? Print off this checklist to help you stay on track.

Find a Great Expectations Program

Great Expectations can help you find the job and career you want. Look here for the names and contact information for established Great Expectations programs across Virginia.

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