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work_gettingjob_thmbYou REALLY want that job you saw advertised online. But do interviews make you nervous? Does your resume need help? Don’t worry – we’ll help you ace the interview and wow ‘em with your resume. You just need to know what recruiters and hiring managers want to read on a resume and see and hear in an interview.

First and foremost, you need to put your best self forward. Be on time. Dress appropriately. Ask thoughtful questions. Be polite. DON’T chew gum. Thank the people interviewing you for their time. As for writing your resume – that’s not as hard as you think using the resources we have here for you.

Resume writing

A resume often is an employer’s first impression of you, so you need to make sure they see someone who is reliable, willing to work hard and knows how to communicate. Help crafting your resume is available from a number of resources, including:

Interview tips

The key to a good interview is confidence and preparation. If you have a good attitude, are confident about your skills and abilities and come ready to show that you are the best candidate for the job, you’ll make a great impression. Learn more about what employers want to hear and what kinds of questions you can expect from one of the following:

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