Antonio came into Great Expectations at Thomas Nelson Community College looking for a way to set himself up for success.

“I was nervous about getting back into school and needed support in preparing my mental and emotional state for success at the collegiate level. Entering the program, I needed help filling out FAFSA, finding support for classes, and developing time management skills. I found two wonderful mentors who would soon become like mothers to me: Mrs. Monica Pinier and Mrs. Sonja Vega. They assisted me in maintaining a 3.93 GPA at Thomas Nelson, and I graduated Summa Cum Laude with an A.S in Social Sciences. They followed me all the way through my time at The College of William and Mary.

Both women know that my career aspiration is to assist foster youth and have continuously aligned me with people, programs, and opportunities that would allow me to bring my dream to reality. I have even returned to work at the Great Expectations office at Thomas Nelson Community College under Ms. Sonja Vega, and I am learning the proper methods to plan for, assist, and reach out to foster youth. Great Expectations has helped me to set the bar high for myself and forced me to engage higher levels of achievement. Ultimately, the program has enabled me to be my best self, and I cannot wait to see the impact it will continue to have in the state of Virginia.”

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