Growing up, the only stability in Jasmine’s life was her own instinct for survival. Her parents were drug users with repeated incarcerations. More than once, Jasmine was taken into state custody where she had to learn to fend for herself.

“When I met Coach Sarah, it was the first time I heard someone say, ‘I’m here to help you,’” says Jasmine. “She helped me deal with my family issues at home, arrange day care for my son, and pay for summer classes and books after my financial aid ran out. She understood what I’d been through and talked me through the hard times. She made college possible for me.”

Today, Jasmine commutes to VCU in Richmond where she is working on a bachelors degree as a stepping stone to medical school. “I want to be a forensic pathologist and I know now that’s possible. Great Expectations helped me make things work out for myself, I feel very lucky.”