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Great Expectations Video

The GE video highlights the bond between Great Expectations coaches and their students.

The video was unveiled as part of an awareness tour celebrating foster care month in May 2013. It is sponsored by Virginia529.

GE Building the Bond

Building the Bond

An awareness tour in May included public luncheons and other events across the commonwealth.

Check out Great Expectations “Building the Bond” for more information.


Discover Your Interests

Why should I continue my education by going to college? What’s in it for me?

A college education is essential for success in today’s world. With a college education, you’ll have the credentials you need to access jobs and opportunities that can lead to a better life.


Getting a Job

Why do I need to go to community college just to get a job?

Virginia’s 23 community colleges offer degrees and certificates in more than 100 career and vocational education tracks. And community college costs less than most four-year colleges and universities while still providing a great education.


Job Training

What is community college going to teach me that I don’t already know?

If you receive training in money management, consumer skills and career planning, you will be better prepared to hold a job, get health care and live independently. Virginia’s community colleges can help you learn these things and much more.

Girl with school books

Financial Aid

How am I supposed to pay for college?

There are many resources that are offered to youth in foster care to help cover the cost of going to college. From tuition to books, housing to transportation, you can get the financial assistance you’ll need to make college a reality for you.


Meet Cortez

What does the Great Expectations program mean to you?

“Great Expectations showed me that I can make my way and be a better student. It has helped me see that I can do anything.”


Meet Andrea

What does the Great Expectations program mean to you?

“Great Expectations sets the pace and helps me stay focused. My Great Expectations counselor, Dedra, opened my eyes to different possibilities. It’s important to know that there are people out there who want to help me achieve my goals.”

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