If you have experienced foster care, you can make
the transition to college
A Bright Future

Every student deserves a bright future. In Virginia, thousands of students who have experienced foster care find success through a Great Expectations program at one of Virginia’s Community Colleges. From selecting a school to securing financial aid to cover your tuition, Great Expectations can make it happen for you.

How Great Expectations Works

When you join Great Expectations, you are paired with an adult coach at one of 21 Community Colleges throughout the state. You and your coach work together to assess your skills and interests, talk about your future, and make a plan for enrolling in college. Coaches are there to help you every step of the way with everything from filling out applications to covering your expenses to arranging transportation between school, home and work.

Choosing a College and Career

We all have special talents and passions. Your Great Expectations coach is there to help you discover yours. Together, you will talk about your goals for the future. You will research career options and learn about the schools and programs that offer the best fit for you. From there, your coach will guide you through the application and enrollment process. Find a participating college near you.

Reducing College Costs

College can be more affordable you think. Financial aid and scholarships are available to students who have experienced foster care, including tuition grants that can cover tuition and fees at any Virginia Community College. To qualify, you must have been in foster care, custody of social services, or a special needs adoption when you earned your high school diploma or GED. Download more information about Tuition Grants for foster youth here. Tuition grants can also be used for non-credit workforce programs. In this case, you will not need to complete a FAFSA, but will need to contact the workforce division at your community college to determine eligibility.

Stories of Success